Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Story Of Trust Me

Have you ever wondered what Trust Me was about? Well, despite the fact that a song can mean anything and everything at the same time, here's what the song was written about, accoring to Joe King, guitarist and back-up vocalist of The Fray:

"It's the story from the early days of The Fray - when we didn't have a label and you didn't know who to trust, and people were telling us which direction to go in. It's a song about the feeling of almost being alone, despite there be a lot of people around."

All that said, the song is about trying to follow the correct path, trying to make their dreams true, but having people driving you crazy while all you try to do is to do the right thing. After all, that's what happens in life whenever you try to do something you'd never done before.

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