Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Interpretation Of Keep On Wanting

I'm aware that I haven't talked much about the album Helios. I've only talked about it when it was about to come out, when it came out, and in moments like those. 

Today I felt like talking about it though. Nevertheless, I'm not talking about the whole album at the moment, I'm talking about one song. Actually, my favorite one off the album: Keep Oon Wanting.

It's not a single, and for this reason, you don't hear many people talking about it, right? This song is underrated, to be honest. 

Saying that a song is deep and emotional would be something unsuaul and something to mention, if we weren't talking about The Fray, but we are. However, the message is strong in this track, it hits home. 

It's about going on, no matter how broken, how desperate you are. It's about opening up and starting to get back your life, starting to live again.

Keep on wanting, keep on moving forward, keep on fighting, keep on dreaming.

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