Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thank you guys!

A few days ago, this blog reached 20,000 reads.

When you create something and you see it progress, moments like this one become awesome and weird at the same time. Why is that?

Well, when I created it and reached 1K reads, I thought that it was pretty rad and felt self-proud. Just as it happened when it reached 5K, 10K, and finally, 20K. For this reason, it doesn't seem like a big thing even to me, until I think about it with perspective of time. When I do, all I think is: wow.

About one year ago at this time, this blog had about 10K reads, which means that the reads here are now two times than they were back then - that little thought draws a huge smile on my face.

For this reason, even though I don't know you, all I know about you guys is where you're from (since I get to see where the reads come from) and that's it, I wanted to give you a big thank you. Because it's thanks to you that this is possible - although for you it might seem like nothing, to me it's a damn lot.

Without further delay, let's put aside the deepness and thoughtful stuff (not really anyway). This blog is about The Fray, isn't it? Well, let's talk about something related to our four guys!

Since I wanted to make this post kind of special and do something quite different, I started to think what I could talk about, and something came to mind. I realized I've never shared with you the times I've been noticed by The Fray in social media (yeah, I've never seen them live *cries*).

(I've deleted the name of the accounts because I wanted to keep my privacy and I don't use those accounts anymore so I don't want to share them here - but it's not fake)

Once when Joe King replied to my tweet (long time ago):

(If you know what this is from, I adore you)
This is from the first live chat they did on Facebook, I got so happy I got to replies, you should have seen my face of happiness ;)


They didn't reply to my post sharing this video, but they did to other girl's post. So, they saw a fan video we did a group of fans of The Fray - which was the best thing about all, they saw our video *-*

Honestly, looking at these captions, which are from 2013, makes me so emotional. It's been ages and these memories are really nice ones. By the way, have you ever been noticed by them? If so, share it here in the comments or in my twitter account (@bandskeepalive), go!