Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 is almost over!

Hello there!

I was thinking of making a review of what it has been this year like for The Fray, but they haven't been much online and there haven't been many news from them. They went on tour last summer and they started writing their new record but that's basically it - there's not much more to say!

However, I've been thinking and I've just realized that this is the third year this blog is active because I created it in 2013, so this blog is being here for a pretty long while. Also the blog is really close to 15K reads which is so sick - thank you so much guys ^-^ 

I didn't quite know what to do this post about, but I wanted to make it somehow important since it's the last one of the year and I felt like it had to be special. Checking my YouTube playlists I found some videos that gave me a cool idea: sharing with you songs that The Fray has played live but were never officially released. 

The songs I found or could remember about were three: The Fall, Scars & Stories and Think It Over. The three of them are very beautiful songs that I personally hope that someday the guys make into a studio version - who knows? 

By the way, I hope you guys had a wonderful year and that the next year is awesome for y'all - happy new year! My best wishes xx

Monday, November 30, 2015

A pretty inactive month!

Hi everyone!

This month, our guys have been kind of inactive (so have I), so I can't really bring you news from LP5. It is pretty clear that they're working on the new record, since they posted some photos last months of them in the studio, and they played at fall views casino, but nothing else! All we can do is wait patiently until we have more news - what seems that will take a while :( 

Meanwhile, here you have some photos of the guys in the studio!

Friday, October 23, 2015

'How well do The Fray's members know their band mates?'

Hey guys! 

Today, as some kind of throwback, I'm bringing you an interview The Fray did for Billboard in 2014. In this one, they're being asked questions about their band mates that they're supposed to know, but do they actually do? 

Watch the interview to find out ;) 


Friday, October 16, 2015

The Story of 1961

Hi everyone! 

Lately, I've been thinking in depth about this blog, and I couldn't help but feel disappointed wih myself, because I don't post as often as I should. And, actually I've said that before but at the moment I'm only posting a post per month, which I feel isn't fair for you. Due to that, I'm going to try to post once a week - if I see I'm too busy and can't do that, I'll post at least twice a month. It's not too much but it's way more than what I've been posting for the last eight or nine months. You have my word that I'll try my best. 

Okay, now, apart from that, let's talk about stuff related to the band this blog's about. Today, I'm talking to you about The Fray's song "1961", from their third album 'Scars & Stories'. 

If you know some History, that date will remind you of something, right? The Berlin Wall, exactly. It was built in 1961, and it was demolished in 1989, date which is also mentioned in the song. That can give us an idea of what it's about, can't it? 

Accordng to an interview from Isaac Slade for the huffington post, the song comes from a trip that him and Dillon took to New Orleans to try to do some writing. Before I go on, I'll remind you in case you don't know or forgot, that Isaac Slade travelled a lot to get some inspiration for songs while writing the album. Now, we're back to the song. So, they rented a house and they wrote a song about The Berlin Wall, and "the dvision it represented in regards to one unified city becoming two cities still under the covering of a country. They're both German, but in a sense, they were as far from each other as they could possibly be. I think that's how our relationships can be sometimes. Not to sound cliché, but we all as people build these walls that don't really come down until someone comes into our lives, tears them down, and says, "Enough!".

That is actually the feeling the song brings, the feeling of being "so close but so far away", which can mean physically or emotionally. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Fray playing the Festival of Families!

Hello my fellow readers!

Only a few days ago, The Fray played at The World Meeting of Families festival, which was attended by Pope Francis, last Saturday.

This event is an international celebration of family, community and faith, which this year has featured international artists such as Mark Wahlberg, Matt Maher, Andrea Bocelli, Juanes, and so on!

Nevertheless, this isn't the only thing The Fray has been up lately. They've announced they're working on their fifth full-length album, saying that they've finished a week in the studio - "super early stages of lp5", which is definitely a good new! We can do nothing but wait, I hope we can listn to some new stuff soon :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fray Daddies

Hi guys! 

Today, I was going across The Fray pictures in my computer, and I thought that it would be a cool idea to post some, but not any! Since all of The Fray members are daddies, I'm going to post pictures of them with their kids :) Aren't they cute? 

Isaac Slade with his son Judah:

Joe King with his daughters Ava and Elise:

Ben Wysocki with his daughter Roxi:

Dave Welsh with his son Marshall:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Fray's tour is over :(

Hello there everyone!

The Fray's summer tour has already came to an end. After an amazing tour over the United States, they're back home and I'm going to post some photos from the tour for you!

By the way, if you've had the chance of going, you can share your photos, experiences or anything like that. I'm sure that a fray concert can't be anything but awesome - and if you share your experience with me I can post it here or whatever you want!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fair Fight

Hello there!

Today, I'm here to share and talk to you about The Fray's documentary - Fair Fight. It's a documentary off the making of their second album "The Fray". An emotional and funny documentary that leads us into how it was to record and make the album - the writing and recording process. 

It's an amazing way to get to know the band a bit better and enjoy watching a documentary of theirs. 

Click here to watch it, you won't regret it!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

10,000 Reads!

Hello there!
Today this blog has reached 10,000 reads, and, for that reason I wanted to thank you guys for that. Because, honestly, checking out my blogs today and seeing that this one had reached 10K reads just made my day. And there’s no doubt that it’s because of you, those ones who read this blog, whether it’s since 2013 when I created it or who have just discovered it.
I know it might seem like it’s no big deal, but for me it is. So thank you so much for that.
To commemorate that I’m going to talk a bit about me and The Fray. Since I’ve been posting for almost two years now I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this, so, if I have, let me know.
I’m going to talk about how I discovered The Fray and how I got “obsessed” (as people say) or just how I became a fan of this awesome band.
I remember listening to their song “How to Save a Life” for years in the radio or in one recompilation CD my mom had on her car, but without knowing the band or the name of the song. It was the typical song you like but never try to search it or something.
I got more interested into the song after listening to it on my favorite TV show (Grey’s Anatomy), and I started paying attention to the song. I started to understand its meaning (English isn’t my mother language), and got into the song more and more. After that I finally searched the song on the internet (I didn’t know the title so I just searched it as I could).
The more I listened to the song the more I related to it and loved it. I searched for more songs by that band until my phone was full of their music. Every single one of their songs were perfect for some moments, they expressed what I couldn’t and it felt like they knew me. It was like feeling that someone understood me without having to share my feelings – it was more than amazing.
My love for them became bigger and bigger, I watched hundreds of interviews, read lots of them as well, trying to find out everything I could about them. And, since I had seen that there weren’t much pages or blogs about them, I decided to create one about them to share with the world everything I knew about them.
Thanks to them I didn’t only find a place where I felt safe and felt understood, but also I got into good and meaningful music. I started getting into more bands which, like them, really sang about something worth singing. And also they’ve taught more than I can even say. I’m not sure what would have been everything like for me, but I do know that I wouldn’t be the same person – in a good sense.
I wish I could thank them one day for everything they’ve done for me.
How did you get to know The Fray?
Also below I'm posting a photo of my fray CDs! Which ones do you have? ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some fray pictures!

Hi frayers!
I’d love to share news about The Fray with you today, but I can’t since there aren’t any news, which is more than a shame! Nevertheless, if I’m writing this post it’s because I’m sharing anything about them with you, and this time I’m sharing some photos that the guys have been posting the last days on their social networks!

Some of them are pretty rad ;)

Also I'd like to take advantage of this post to mention that this blog has almost reached 10K reads, which is more than amazing! And it's because of any of you who read this blog, whether you've read it once or you read it evenly. I couldn't be more thankful for that than I already am. Thank you! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

"I miss the old fray"

Hello there everyone!
First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who follows this blog, because the last few months, I haven’t been posting here very frequently. Exams, and other projects I’ve had myself had got me a little away from this blog, which is definitely a shame.
Secondly, today I was thinking of a topic which would be good of discussion, and as well writing on here.
“I miss the old The Fray”
Who hasn’t said that? Who hasn’t thought that? I have thought that, I admit it. And a lot of fans more have. But, I’ve been thinking of that recently and this is what I come with:
I’m an artist. I’m not an artist as The Fray’s members are – I’m a writer. Okay, I’m not famous or anything, but I make (or try to make) art the way I can, so I think I kinda have a voice here. When I’m feeling down, what I write isn’t happy or positive at all. However, when I’m feeling good, I write positive and happy stories.
What do I want to say with this?
I think it’s pretty clear that when The Fray wrote albums like How to Save a Life and The Fray, they (or people around them) were going through tough times, for whatever reasons. Since The Fray has always been a band which expressed their own feelings through their songs, it’s clear that now – that they have more positive music and more happy vibes – they’re going through a good time in their lives. And I’m more than thankful for that. Because, this band, which has comforted us when we were feeling down with their music, deserves it!
You know what? It’s amazing, after all, that they experience with new kinds of songs and music. We all have ups and downs, and, if we have songs from The Fray not only for when we’re feeling down, but also for when we’re feeling good, that’s even better, isn’t it?

That’s what I think. They’ll always be a couple of kids who were up to no good ;)
What do you guys think? 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Interpretation Of Fall Away

Hello guys! I’d like to share with you news about The Fray, but this month there haven’t been any news to share. However, I’m feeling kind of melancholic today, and I decided to listen to some of The Fray’s old stuff, and I was just listening to “Fall Away” and felt like writing about it here.
The Fray hasn’t talked about its meaning in any interview, so all I can do is share with you my interpretation and thoughts of the song, much like what it means to me.
The song is about your past following you, even when you try hard to run away from it, and I believe that somehow every person out there can relate to that, some people more than others. I personally strongly relate to that, because I always end up letting my past follow me no matter how hard I try, and for that reason the song speaks to me in very personal levels.
Do you relate to it? Let me know below in the comments what it means to you! Below you can listen to the song:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Fray on tour this summer!

Hello the frayers! How are you doing? I’m here to bring you some interesting news! The Fray is going on tour this summer, as guests, with the band Train! You can already order your tickets, VIP packages and “Meet & Greet” as well. Have you already ordered your tickets? They’re going on tour in the US, how many of you are from there?