Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Interpretation Of Fall Away

Hello guys! I’d like to share with you news about The Fray, but this month there haven’t been any news to share. However, I’m feeling kind of melancholic today, and I decided to listen to some of The Fray’s old stuff, and I was just listening to “Fall Away” and felt like writing about it here.
The Fray hasn’t talked about its meaning in any interview, so all I can do is share with you my interpretation and thoughts of the song, much like what it means to me.
The song is about your past following you, even when you try hard to run away from it, and I believe that somehow every person out there can relate to that, some people more than others. I personally strongly relate to that, because I always end up letting my past follow me no matter how hard I try, and for that reason the song speaks to me in very personal levels.
Do you relate to it? Let me know below in the comments what it means to you! Below you can listen to the song: