Friday, October 23, 2015

'How well do The Fray's members know their band mates?'

Hey guys! 

Today, as some kind of throwback, I'm bringing you an interview The Fray did for Billboard in 2014. In this one, they're being asked questions about their band mates that they're supposed to know, but do they actually do? 

Watch the interview to find out ;) 


Friday, October 16, 2015

The Story of 1961

Hi everyone! 

Lately, I've been thinking in depth about this blog, and I couldn't help but feel disappointed wih myself, because I don't post as often as I should. And, actually I've said that before but at the moment I'm only posting a post per month, which I feel isn't fair for you. Due to that, I'm going to try to post once a week - if I see I'm too busy and can't do that, I'll post at least twice a month. It's not too much but it's way more than what I've been posting for the last eight or nine months. You have my word that I'll try my best. 

Okay, now, apart from that, let's talk about stuff related to the band this blog's about. Today, I'm talking to you about The Fray's song "1961", from their third album 'Scars & Stories'. 

If you know some History, that date will remind you of something, right? The Berlin Wall, exactly. It was built in 1961, and it was demolished in 1989, date which is also mentioned in the song. That can give us an idea of what it's about, can't it? 

Accordng to an interview from Isaac Slade for the huffington post, the song comes from a trip that him and Dillon took to New Orleans to try to do some writing. Before I go on, I'll remind you in case you don't know or forgot, that Isaac Slade travelled a lot to get some inspiration for songs while writing the album. Now, we're back to the song. So, they rented a house and they wrote a song about The Berlin Wall, and "the dvision it represented in regards to one unified city becoming two cities still under the covering of a country. They're both German, but in a sense, they were as far from each other as they could possibly be. I think that's how our relationships can be sometimes. Not to sound cliché, but we all as people build these walls that don't really come down until someone comes into our lives, tears them down, and says, "Enough!".

That is actually the feeling the song brings, the feeling of being "so close but so far away", which can mean physically or emotionally.