Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Helios & Recent news!

Hey guys! The Fray has already revealed us the new album’s cover, the title and the track list. It’s awesome, right?

The title is Helios, and I’m glad to tell you I know why it is the title. This is what Joe King (our awesome guitarist and background singer) told about that: "We titled our record Helios which is the Greek god of the sun and light. As a band we feel the sun, light and the warm part of life right now and this record reflects that. Basically we feel damn good and wrote a bunch of songs from that place"
Great to hear that! Don't you think so? Well, that means they're so happy, which make us (frayers) happy too :) This is Helios's tracklist:
1. Hold My Hand
2. Love Don't Die
3. Give It Away
4. Closer to Me
5. Hurricane
6. Keep On Wanting
7. Our Last Days
8. Break Your Plans
9. Wherever This Goes
10. Shadow and a Dancer
11. Same as You
These are the names of the 11 songs. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I feel like it’s going to be totally awesome, and I can’t wait for Helios at all. 14th January feels so far away, right? At least this December we will have a music video for “Love Don’t Die”…

And another thing that might be interesting to you: Love Don’t Die is on a compilation to raise money for the Philippines, it’s on iTunes. So if you buy it from there, the money will go to the Philippines. As always, The Fray's helping as they can :) 

Ben Wysocki's Birthday!

Hello guys! Today, if you don’t know it, it’s Ben Wysocki’s birthday, our awesome drummer. Yes, our Benny is already 29 years old. 29… wow, it’s pretty awesome if we remember that he was only 18 years old when he joined The Fray. Also remember he is the younger member in the band ;)
Time goes so fast, right? I’m going to show you a few pictures of Ben for you to check it by yourself:  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Music Video for "Love Don't Die" Coming Soon

Hey, what’s up? I’m sorry I’m not posting much lately, I’m so sorry but there’s so much exams and I don’t have enough time. Anyway I’m bringing you some good no, great news for you. The Fray is recording a music video for their newest single: “Love Don’t Die”. There isn’t any date for it yet, but I can show you some photos showed via Instagram and Twitter, anyway I'm sure the wait will be worth it, I can’t wait!